Here, you can keep track of announcements and updates regarding the story.

Stay warm this winter by keeping up with Aku, Leesa, and Rak-Li as they face new enemies on their journey across the mainland! To celebrate our return from hiatus, we're having a 7 day, 7 chapter release starting Monday January 30th.

Thank you to all of those who haven't given up on us through this. With our return we should be coming back stronger than ever!
Hi all!

Thank you for your patience and continued support of the project and of us. Know that we both apologize for the lack of new content lately. With our writer moving and editor swamped with her day job, finding the time to figure out the next several chapters has proven more of a challenge than expected.

The length of this hiatus is undetermined at the moment, but do keep an eye out for further announcements on upcoming content - several chapters will likely be released together in some sort of event!

Thanks again,
K & T
Here, you can keep track of announcements and updates regarding the story.

The basic plan is that new chapters are to go out weekly, every Sunday. We post to the Instagram account right when each chapter goes up, so make sure to follow that and turn on notifications to get alerted when new chapters go live!

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Triston is the dreamer, the ideas guy, the incredibly talented author of the project.

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Editor & Artist

The Editor & Artist - On this project, she focuses heavily on the technical side: Keeping the project on track, editing chapters, fixing grammar, and moral support, not to mention all of the cool digital art!

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