Burning Legacy is an action-adventure story that contains adult themed content, namely blood and gore, fantasy violence, and swearing. 
Reader discretion is advised.

<PROLOGUE>                        <CHAPTER ONE>                       <LATEST CHAPTER>          

  •  02-02-2023 03:00 PM

In the thrilling conclusion, our trio are left paralyzed and broken. With hope running low, it'll take a miracle to survive!

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  •  02-01-2023 03:00 PM

The scouts are giving the team a bigger run for their money then they could imagine.

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  •  01-31-2023 02:00 PM

As the journey continues, the first enemies of this new arc appear: scouts for the newly established Rebel Retrieval Team (RTT) led by Tokar, each one with their own unique and deadly ability.

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  •  01-30-2023 03:30 PM

A group of soldiers from Rao track the escapees.

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  •  05-15-2022 08:30 PM

Now on the run from the Pouli Empire, Aku takes time to admire the beauty of this continent he has never seen before.

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  •  05-08-2022 08:30 PM

With a goal set, our trio travel through the center of the continent. The trio warm up to each other and get a morale boost Aku and Rak-Li desparately needed.

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  •  05-03-2022 10:30 AM

One of his leading soldiers has gone rogue, and Rao is in chaos over this new group of rebels. How could things get any worse for the king? Drastic action must be taken if order is to be restored.

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  •  04-24-2022 08:00 PM

Now safe from the winged empire in the safety of the jungle, the duo that's now a trio gets to know one another.

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  •  04-17-2022 12:30 PM

Together with help of a new friend, Aku and Rak-li must escape from the massive tribe of Rao, but with no ship where will they escape to?

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  •  04-10-2022 08:00 PM

Synopsis: Leesa must help to free two captive wingless humans from the empire, but how can one winged human break into the Rao’s prison, let alone get past the guards needed to save them?

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  •  04-03-2022 08:30 PM

After getting the shit kicked out of them, Aku and Rak-li awaken in a cell where they are tortured for several days. Will these two be able to withstand the pain?

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  •  03-27-2022 12:30 PM

Rak-li struggles to keep the now inebriated Aku focused on their mission: to get aboard the ship and take control.

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About The Planet

*Please note that this page is far from finished, but we hope you enjoy this bit of world-building to accompany the story!

Hope's new planet is not dissimilar to Earth in that it has geographical features such as mountains, canyons, rivers, and oceans. However, the land masses are organized very differently from that of Earth. Hope created it in Earth's image, after all.

In the year 10,000 BMT (Before Modern Time), the planet is occupied and split into territories by 5 distinct humanoid races.


Psari aka Fish-people,

Pouli aka Bird-people,

Nychtera aka Bat-people, and

Trichoto aka Yeti-people.

The world is still very primitive, akin to the hunter-gather stage of human development on earth. The key difference though is that every race on this planet has been bestowed a common language (English) thanks to Hope, which makes this story much easier and more enjoyable to tell : )

We hope you enjoy reading Burning Legacy! Truly, if you have anymore questions or suggestions on what you'd like to see added to this section or to the story, let us know! You can leave a comment, or send us an email at burninglegacystory@gmail.com

Happy reading!

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